Pick your method(s):

  • Personal training is one on one.
  • Group training is one to multiple.
  • Youth/Family training is with a group.
  • Virtual training is online, which may include file sharing, email, audio/video, etc.

Develop your plan:

During our first session, we review your health and medical history, nutrition and hydration, rest and recovery, positive and negative stressors, review body measurements/metrics as desired, and perform a fitness/movement assessment to ensure we tailor a realistic and measurable training plan to achieve your goals.

Tailor your options to your flow:

  • Location: Indoors or outdoors. Venues such as a park, trails, beaches, Home, fitness club, etc. are available.
  • Sport/Goal specificity: Option to tailor to endurance or multi-sport sports such as triathlon, etc., or conventional sports such as soccer, etc., or other activity.
  • Functional movements.
  • Core fitness.
  • Stability, balance, and agility.
  • Strength and conditioning.

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